The Digital Deep Dive is an eloquent and conscious exploring of the realm of digital living and working. It is an ongoing inquiry into how digital technology is affecting our lives, at home, at work, and on the move.

You’ll find thoughts and ideas, stories and practical suggestions on how to remain awake, in control, and skilfull, whilst gaining the benefits that digital technology has to offer us as individuals, social groups, organisations and communities.

The Digital Deep Dive is more necessary than ever, as digital technologies and processes take over pour lives and we head towards the Technological Singularity. This will be of interest and urgent relevance for leaders, educators, politicians, individuals and families.

“The technological singularity is the idea that technological progress, particularly in artificial intelligence, will reach a tipping point to where machines are exponentially smarter than humans.” (Source)

The Digital Deep Dive is a penetrating exploration of what digital technology is doing in our lives. We are neither technophilic nor technophobic, though there is a caution and awake-ness that arises from the pace of change, and the corporate interests that sit behind most digital platforms, products, services and hard technologies. The key ethos here is to “hold your own” in the digital realm.


“Our conversations in the digital realm should be conscious and eloquent. Our freedom need never be compromised and the digital realm exists to support and enhance the human condition. There is nothing inevitable about the progress of digital technology – we can shape it, make decisions about it and our humanity need in no way be diminished by its design and use.” Paul Levy, author, Digital Inferno

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